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Barcelona, Spain, Monday 25 February, 2019


This week, Zambia will send a delegation to the largest mobile communications event in the world - MWC Barcelona. The delegation will be looking to return with new ideas and innovations to transform Zambia into a regional communications hub.

This Government is committed to investing in communications and technology projects and has invested heavily in initiatives like a National Data Centre, an ICT Youth Fund and the Smart Zambia Electronic Government Division.

The Zambian delegation will include representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Communication, ZAMTEL, ZICTA and Cooperating partners like Huawei - amongst others.

Speaking ahead of the conference, DSC Christopher Mvunga said:

“Zambia is looking to build a nation fit for the future. Zambia has a young, ambitious and innovative workforce. Tech and smart communications are central to untapping this potential.

“The government is currently investing heavily in its ICT infrastructure as part of an ambitious plan to transform Zambia into a “Smart Zambia”.

“At this year’s event, we will meet with partners who are at the cutting edge of digital innovation and pivotal in bringing new technologies to market.

“Zambia doesn’t just want to be a bystander in Africa’s technological revolution, it wants to be a leader.

“Investment in technology has long term benefits for increasing the competitiveness of our economy and creating new jobs.

A technology-driven future will allow Zambians to realise their full potential and reap the benefits of a thriving modern economy.”



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