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Why Is It So Important To Present An Academic Paper At The Academic Conference Of The National Economic Summit???

Why is it so important to present an academic paper at the academic conference of the National Economic Summit???

Papers accepted will be published in a Springer special edition  book indexed in scopus, web of science, google scholar and other prestigious references.

The academic part of the National Economic Summit is powered by our partners - Institute  of Scientific Communications from Volgograd, Russia headed by international renowned publisher Prof Elena G. Popkova.

With a Scopus H index of 15, Prof Elena G. Popkova has over 105 publications to her name. 

Apart from Prof Popkova, the Summit academic book will also be edited by Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka, Snr Lecturer and Director of the Graduate School of Business, University of Zambia and Prof Yulia V. Ragulina Head of Department at RUDN University, Moscow, Russia.


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