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The Gulf Opens Its Market For Zambian Domestic Workers – MinFin Minister

The Gulf has opened its market for Zambian domestic workers, Finance Minister confirmed on 10 February in an interview. Honorable Mwanakatwe informed the meeting that the Gulf had a domestic workers deficit and has opened its doors to Zambians seeking employment to earn a living. The Minister urged those interested to arrange K15,000 (US$1,255) to serve as processing fee and that they should uphold the highest levels on integrity lest risk the wrath of the laws of that land.

“Uko kwamene muyenda, ngati simumvela, bazaku jubani manja. (If you do not uphold the highest integrity levels where you are going, they will discipline you by cutting off your fingers)

Finance Minister – Margaret Mwanakatwe

Mwanakatwe advised that the Labour anf Foreign Affairs Ministries will ensure that this opportunity is carefully executed.

However, Labour Minister Joyce Nonde Simukoko, said she was yet to touch base with the Finance Minister on the issue but however said such an opportunity would be good for Zambians seeking to earn a living.


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