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Regional Airlines Point To Zambia As It Re-calibrates Itself As Southern Africa Transport Hub – EAZ


Air Botswana ATR42 landing at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

Africa’s copper producer Zambia is re-calibrating itself as a regional transport hub, the Economics Association of Zambia told MoneyFM in a telephone interview. National Secretary Mutisunge Zulu said the uptick in regional flights into Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) reflects a re-calibration of Zambia as southern Africa’s transport hub well ahead of completion of the airport upgrade. Zulu cited resumption of Air Botswana and Tanzanian Airline as barometers of interest in Zambia as not only an investment destination but a tourism hub of the region.

The copper producing nation is currently developing new infrastructure to the tune of USD$0.88billion in Lusaka and Ndola which will change the air transport landscape and will create employment for locals both pre and post construction, Zulu said.

Increase in flights into and out of Zambia will cause price disruption as competition skews towards a more perfectly competitive from an oligopolistic market which will suppress pricing making it affordable for most Zambians to afford flying. The coming of Zambia Airways in Q3 this year will heighten competition further.

"Zambia Airways will not only benefit locals through affordable travel means but can be used as stimulus for the fresh cut flower industry that has become extinct because of lack of affordable transport into regions like the European Union. Nations like Kenya earn over USD$800million annually in export of Roses which Zambia has capacity to generate, if it reorganizes its airline industry opportunities. Ones need a myopic view of opportunities the airline is bringing rather than criticize. Zambia Airways couldn’t have come at a better time"

EAZ National Secretary -Mutisunge Zulu

Last December Turkish airlines flew the Zambian skies and we expect Qatar to follow suit soon by the end of the year, Zulu said. It will be like the old days. Its time to smell the coffee, he said.

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