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Economics Association Of Zambia Courts Barclays, Nods National Summit

Economic think tank in Africa’s copper producer paid a courtesy call visit to Barclays Bank Zambia at which it discussed a number of economic issues. As part of its road show and momentum build up to the debut National Economic Summit (NES) to be held in the Davos of Zambia, Livingstone in the second half of the year. The Economics Association of Zambia invited Barclays to be a partner in this initiative. The FY18 second most profitable bank measured by PAT, nodded the EAZs initiative to foster the Future of Economic Diplomacy with a skew towards sustainable and inclusive economic growth.    

Mrs. Mizinga Melu commended the economic think tank for the hard work and urged them to persist with various policy advocacy engagements.

L-R: EAZ President Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka, EAZ National Secretary – Mutisunge Zulu, EAZ Executive Director Ms. Mirriam Nachilima, Barclays Managing Director Mrs. Mizinga Melu, Barclays Chief Finance Officer – Risper Genga Ohaga and Barclays Treasurer – Mr. Boston Nkuname

The EAZ led by its President Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka was accompanied by National Secretary Mr. Mutisunge Zulu and Executive Director Ms Mirriam Nachilima had fruitful discussions Mrs. Mizinga Melu and her Executive team.

Economics Association of Zambia President, Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka thanked the Barclays team for their time and hoped that more of such would continue in the future.  Dr. Haabazoka acknowledged that the banking system remains the most important segment of Zambia’s economy and that its resilient performance is key to the nation’s success.

Barclays Bank remains one of the most influential and important players in Zambia’s banking system.

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