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Dr Lubinda Haabazoka Writes About Labour Day

In Zambia generally and in various institutions and companies in particular, it is very difficult to bring about developmental change because we have a lot of people that oppose progress. 

The biggest problem in Zambia is that for one to implement innovative or any idea, they have to first deal with those people that immediately say “this can’t work”. After overpowering the “this can’t work group”, one is now faced with those that frustrate implementation of ideas.

The main reason why we have such is that naturally, Zambians don’t want to see others progress. Zambians also don’t want others to be commended for something good.

In many institutions and companies, hard workers are despised. They are despised because they make the majority look bad and lazy. Instead of the lazy majority pulling up their socks, they would rather frustrate the hard worker. It is for this reason that majority companies in Zambia are bad performers.

Gossip and pettiness is also very advanced at the work place in Zambia. We spend 80% of the time dwelling on rumors rather than using quantifiable performance indicators to rate the worker.

Tribalism, nepotism and other petty factors have also led to Zambian businesses not getting the best employees.

A hard worker in general will spend 80% fighting off haters of progress and only 20% on actual implementation of progress. 

We need to change!!!!

Happy labour day colleagues...

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